What is Mesothelioma ?


Lot of people exactly wonder what is this Mesothelioma illness and they are blank heads about it. Mesothelioma is mainly a cancer caused because of high term exposure to asbestos.  This is just the basic idea about what Mesothelioma is but, let me give you an explanation about Mesothelioma.  

                               Mesothelioma  gets its name because cancerous tumors form in the mesothelium – the lining – of an internal organ. In the case of mesothelioma, the tumors form in the lining of the lung, the lining of the abdomen, the lining of heart or the lining of a testicle.

There are mainly four types of Cancers and each of them are aggressive.  Cancers usually spread rapidly and if you are a Mesothelioma patient your life expectancy will be eight to twenty months.  Lot of physicians are struggling to find a cure for the cancer, Mesothelioma but for now to extend the life that shorted by Mesothelioma, Doctors give therapies, treatments and hold clinics. 

                Most of the patients die without long life expectancy from Mesothelioma due to the belated  diagnoses made in stage III or stage IV. A direct result of mesothelioma having mild, often undetectable, symptoms in its early stages of development.

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